Thursday, October 27, 2005

This 'n That

Woohoo! Despite mucho sidetracking, I finished the Halloween Worm scarf last night. Well, this morning, though technically it was still night because I hadn't gone to bed yet.

Berroco Quest & Crystal Palace Squiggle Halloween Worm Scarf in Black and Mango Orange

After a couple of unsatisfactory attempts at achieving a fabric I liked coupled with desire to not buy more than one skein/ball of each yarn yet still attain a length I like (my preference is 72 inches long, though I knew that wasn't going to happen with this combo!), I settled on a P1 *yo P2tog* pattern st. When I ran out of black, I bound off and made fringe.
Mike's lack of excitement at wearing this one matches mine. I only made it so I'd have something 'weenish to wear on Monday, when I volunteer at an afternoon Halloween party for the local kids, put on by the local police department.

Pathetic Attempt #2

As you can see, it's a good thing I went back to the drawing board on this thing. Although the drop st in this one gives it a webbier look, it was just overall ick. Well, icker, given that orange is already ick.

Berroco Quest (black) and Crystal Palace Squiggle (mango orange)

Given the amount of pixels I've devoted to these yarns, you'd think I really like them. But since they're a little hard to distinguish in the scarves, I thought I'd give you a close-up.
I will be spending some of my knitting time this evening (and probably next) using a #1 needle to pluck all the big orange 'worms' so that they are mostly on one side of the fabric, to give a more maggoty appearance on the right (outward) side.

Enough with orange! Orange is fine when it's food: real mangos, papaya, winter squashes, sweet potatoes, candy corn and pumpkins, pumpkin ice cream ('tis the season!), even pumpkin corgis (check out my friend Marcia's Wine Country Corgis site with their photos from last year's Howloween). But not orange apparel. At least, not on me. And I'd prefer not to see it on you, either. So, on to something that soothes my eyes and energizes my soul:

Linie 114 Space Self-Fringing Shawl

There's a close-up of the fabric just below this photo. This is a lovely ribbon yarn in MY colors. Well, except for where the brilliant red blends to yellow - there is a faint hint of deep orange. But still! Purple and red and that lovely green and did I mention purple?
The pattern is Keep It Simple's Self-Fringing Shawl (KS109). Knit from the wide top to the point at that bottom, you let the sts on both sides unravel, creating the fringe. A little scary to do what is so counterintuitive, but once you get started, it's fun. The yarn and pattern were my two buys at my friend's Fall sale this year.

Close-up of Linie 114 Space, color 0007

Ah, well, that was fun (excuse me while I gaze at this photo for a bit....) Where was I? Oh, yes. Well, that was fun, and now I'm off to do some feeding (me) and tucking in (more figurative than literal, since the chelonians don't need a lot of tucking, and Mikey's already in his sleeping place for the night), and do some stretches before I do some more knitting.



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