Saturday, March 18, 2006

Socks for Tubs

Now, I know some of you think Eggs In Hats and Lizards In Scarves is weird or the sign of a seriously altered mind, so I'm wondering how y'all feel about Socks for Tubs?

Well, Socks for Faucents is more accurate, as you can see from this photo from Darry Conner:

See, Darry & Ted's iguana, Bubbette, hates the sight of other iguanas in her territory (the Conner's home). Iguanas, not encountering mirrors and other reflective surfaces in the wild, don't quite get the concept of "me" when they see their reflection in reflective surfaces.

While some iguanas may momentarily get it when they see the iguana in the mirror being petted AT THE EXACT SAME TIME as they themselves are being petted by someone in Mirrorworld who looks EXACTLY LIKE THEIR HUMAN, it is, alas, a momentary glimmer across the me vs. other boundary that only primates have thus far crossed with any regularity.

Bubbette, unique child of the Universe that she is, carries her territorial defense beyond that of other iguanas. She doesn't just go crazy when catching sight of that 'other' iguana that appears in the mirror when her humans fail to block her line-of-sight adequately, nor is she limited to the iguana that appears in her enclosure or in the windows of the house when the sun hits the glass at a certain angle.

No, sirree, uh, Bubb! Bubbette goes after any iguana of any size that appears in any reflective surface, including the flock of tiny iguanas that appear in the gleaming polished brass of her bathtub's faucet and trim.

While Bubbette was a tiny iguana herself, it was rather cute. As she started getting big enough to do major damage to the integrity of the brass's waterproofing laquer--not to speak of her own teeth--the Conners were forced to come up with a way to protect the faucet and Bubb's teeth.

Hence, Socks for Tubs.


Blogger Knatolee said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Okay, I'm sorry, but that's just obscene. :) (God knows I would never support obscenity. Oh noooo, no me!)

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