Friday, May 26, 2006

Yarn Ho

I freely confess that I am a yarn whore. It is my belief that one can never have too much yarn. Really. One can't. I know I am not alone. There are others out there, which is why the term SABLE was coined. SABLE, as in Stash Above and Beyond Life Expectancy.

Well, I just think that if you run out of yarn, you may die, so, I always make sure to have more yarn on hand than I can actually
knit at one time. Given that I always have several WIP (that would be work(s) in progress) at any one time, I am doing my part in keeping yarn stores in business and the economy strong.

But. I will not steal yarn. Not that I am not tempted, but I do have a line that I will not cross, not matter how tempting the yarn.

Apparently, that line is a wee bit flexible for some people: Women Accused of Stealing Yarn

Well, I actually know of a woman who worked in a yarn store, and stole from that store to apparently help stock a yarn store she started with someone else. Since she didn't last long at the store she was a partner in, I can only guess that her thievery was more chronic than I and her former employer imagined. But, I digress.

More thoughts on stash:

Yarn is for enjoying, not for compulsively stashing - at least that's what I tell myself.


Don’t reorganize your yarn stash, the outcome is bad no matter what: you either realize you have way too much yarn and feel overwhelmed at all the knitting that you must do to exhaust your supply, or you realize that you have way too little and start thinking of where you can obtain more.
-- Kathy,

I shall close with wise words by Sally Melville, designer and teacher: People who say they don't have enough patience to knit are precisely those who could most improve their lives by learning how.

But, buy your yarn, please. Don't steal. Unless, of course, you want to expiate your sin by giving me the yarn. In that case, please steal my colors.

Apparently, my line is a wee bit more flexible than I thought.

Lest there be an LIS entry without some knitting photos, herewith is a pair of socks I knit last week in my CERT class. With yarn, I might add, that neither I nor anyone else swiped.

And now, to bed, to dream of hanks dancing in the air....


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