Thursday, August 30, 2007

You know you're loved when you find things on your porch

Normally, it's tennis balls. That's how I know Georgia has been to my door when I'm not home or (horrors!) the door was closed and so I didn't see or hear here out there waiting to play or, better yet, race inside to check the Georgia bowl (which doubles as the Sidney bowl) to see if there is F U D in there, like chicken skin or chicken or steak or, well, that's pretty much it, as Georgia is a picky eater compared to Sidney who will eat anything that isn't raw garlic or lemon.

Occasionally, however, I come home to find other things at my door or festooning my front walk, like:

which is a headless cat (er, toy cat, not one of the Ragdolls or Scottish folds that Georgia lives with), and

which, in a sort of clever twist, is a bodily baby (er, toy baby, whose body presumably still resides next door along with the aforementioned cats and cat head).

For those who haven't yet met Georgia and Sidney, here they are. First Georgia, with her "Cookies now, yes? Oh, yes!" look:

And Sidney, my favorite happy picture of him:

And, for the lizard and knitting photo of the day, here's Mikey modeling this month's kitchen towels. The two on the left are Sugar & Cream and Lion Brand cottons, while the two on the right are in the last of the Cotton-Ease Popsicle Blue. I just found out that Lion doesn't make this color any more and hasn't for several years, which grieved me greatly...until I found a very similar color in their 100% cotton worsted.

And now, off for some garlicky chicken and more knitting a few more inches on the next pair of soldier socks.


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