Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hey, baby...

Since I made the first vine lace baby hat, I've made a couple more of them,and finished the little preemie blanket/burp cloth I've had on the needles for a while. That got me into making some more baby hats for the guild's Hospital Stash, finishing up the yarn I made the blankets with, and digging into some other rescued yarn from my community knitting stash.

Last night I started a coupl of baby mitts/socks. Apparently, I need a refresher course in gauge, or need to alter the pattern I'm using to make things a bit wider and shorter...

Mike, always the willing model, here shows off one of the baby hats. I first knit a garter stitch strip about 8-9 inches long, then did a sort of 3 needle bind off to graft the cast-on edge so that a smooth seam resulted. I picked up sts around one edge, and knit in the round for an inch or two before decreasing for a couple of rows. I then drew the yarn tail through the remaining stitches, secured the tails, and made and added the pom pom.

What a handsome boy! Okay, so he looks like a total doofus with that hat on, but I ain't gonna tell him that!

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Blogger IggySingh said...

i'd still vote for Mike=Handsome :)

9:36 PM  

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