Thursday, June 08, 2006

No scarves, just socks and a butt.

I spent some 20 hours in CERT training in May and June. During the lecture part of the classes, I, of course, knit. My project of choice for classes and lectures is socks. I completed two socks, one each in two different yarns. On June 6, election day, I started a companion sock to the red/orange/yellow/brown/blue one seen below, as well as knit up some blanket squares for the Sonoma Blanket Project.

I actually do not like the red/orange/yellow/... yarn, and so, while I was working on the foot part, I decided to give them to Karen, who said she liked the yarn. Since her foot is longer than mine, that is a decision I need to make before I get to the end of the foot!

Tonight, Tobago, my little (full grown) Vietnamese leaf turtle, was standing on her rock enclosure for some reason - perhaps because I emptied out her "pond" and refilled it, and the water ran around the western part of her enclosure, including into her 'cave'. Or, perhaps it was because she decided that a third worm would be quite nice for dessert. Anyway, since she already had at least one worm (which is her usual semi-daily feed), and possibly two (I don't know for sure whether Worm #1 got away or whether 'Bago ate it faster than usual), there was no way she was going to get a third.

So, I moved her pond around, and placed her in front of her other 'cave'. She immediately went in and hasn't emerged since.

The little flecks of beige on the soil are various types of grass seeds from a pasture mix I periodically toss in there and mix around in her soil. In a few weeks, there will be some sparse green shoots in there, which she will trample down. Ah, life's cycle of renewal and destruction.

Okay, here's the obligatory lizard shot:

Taken with the camera's night backflash on, this gives a bedded down Mike a rather dreamy look, don't you think? His rostral scales shed last week, and his bottom 'lip' is white and so should shed soon. Other white patches are forming on his head, so he's going to be real happy camper as his shed progresses. (Can you spell crankyassed?)

For those of you who haven't met Tobago before, here's a shot of her other end.


Blogger Knatolee said...

Oh, I LOVE Tobago! What a sweetie.

And I laughed at your socks. I knit a pair of self-patterning socks in that very same red/orange stuff you gave to Karen! As I recall, the yarn was on sale. Now we know why, eh?

6:55 AM  

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