Monday, July 10, 2006

Literary Lizard

So, I'm back in bed and falling asleep again after running Mike's morning bath. Like all moms who keep an ear tuned to what the kids are doing, I am aware of Mike climbing out of his bath a couple of hours later, and his progress across the bathroom linoleum and then silence as he crosses over the sill to the carpeted hall.

In the normal course of events, he would go down the hall and check out the 'snake' room to see what changes have been made in there since the day before and to see if by chance he can surprise Sluggo in there. That tour of duty finished, he would then go through the den into the kitchen and on into his room, where he will spend time basking before eating.

Yesterday, however, I become aware of tiny ticking noises. tick tick tick tick tick tick pause tick tick tick tick tick. When I then hear the susurration of rough lizard skin brushing against wall, I peel back an eyelid and peer over the edge of the bed to see Mike, working his way around the perimeter of the room, tongue-flicking (lizardspeak for smelling) the floor every step of the way.

Mike continues his way along the north wall and turns the corner and works his way along the east wall until he comes to my bed. Which he climbs atop of.
He then spends the next 15 minutes or so tongue-flicking the top of the bedding, working his way around and around and around.

Tired from his labors, he finally collapses, sprawling across my book, which was leaning up against the body pillow. There he napped for an hour or so, until I picked him up and moved him back to his room after I finished showering and dressing.
Goof ball.

I continued to play around with the Jaywalker chevron pattern modified for the scarf I was working on, but even after changing to larger needles (#10 up from #8), I wasn't that crazy about it. Neither was Mike:

So, I ripped it all out yesterday, and started working the yarn in the diagonal eyelet pattern that I like so much, and for which I probably bought this yarn for to begin with. While you don't really see the eyelet in the below photo, you do see the strong diagonal element:

I have a photo of the first one I did, in the red Mondial Gold yarn, in the very first entry in this blog, In the Beginning...

Mike was in a particularly photogenic mood yesterday, so here's a bonus:


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