Sunday, March 11, 2007

Toolin' Around The Tules

Tulelake, that is. Northeastern Siskiyou County is the land of big sky and big clouds, as can be seen of this shot over Tule sump (part of the Tulelake National Wildlife Refuge):

Karen, Jim, Sidney (AKA, goddoggie) and I went back up to Tulelake CA. We went last year in April, after the eagles had flown back north, at a time when there was a relatively sparse mix of laggard arctic birds and not quite time for the southern and sea birds to come up for breeding.

As I started resizing, cropping and compressing the photos from this 2007 trip, I realized that I hadn't finished doing the same on all the photos from last year's trip! Since I have about 500 more to go through, I thought I'd give you a preview, photos taken on the way up to Tulelake in 2006, on Interstate 5 and Highway 97. If you are like most people and have no clue where Tulelake (sometimes spelled Tule Lake, though I am not clear on the rules) is, here's a Google Map link, so you can check out the satellite views, too.

Tulelake Sunrise, February 17, 2007

Tulelake Sunset, same day

I have a photo album with some of the photos from the February 2007 trip. I will work on getting the rest of these, at least, processed before our trip there next year. Really! I will!

Actually, we have to go back. Last year, I taught Karen to knit on the drive up there and while we were there. This year, we got Fe Galeoto (of Fe's Bed & Breakfast) started knitting, so we have to go back and see how she's doing.

If you're going to be heading up to the area to take in the birds and Lava Beds, the place to stay if you going stay in the area is Fe's B&B. If you're going to be there for several days, or there's a small group of you, rent the vacation house: three bedrooms, two baths, kitchen and dining area (and piano, TV and VCR), and it's dog-friendly - just ask Sidney!).

Sidney hogging my side of the 'knitting' couch

Sidney in 2006, enjoying a walk in the Tule sump area, while the photographer shoots Sidney's tush.


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