Saturday, February 24, 2007

iPod schmiPod, anybody can knit an iPod case...

...but how many people make a ham radio case?

Besides me, that is.

This lovely cushy case is made with Red Heart Grande yarn in my favorite colorway. The pattern is simple: Sl 1, *K1, sl 1, rep from * to last st, K1 (worked on #13 straights and seamed across the bottom and up the side). The button loop is a 4 st I-cord. The button itself I found at Circle of Yarns, the very nice yarn store we found in Klamath Falls. If you're in the neighborhood, stop in and check out their yarns, and say hey to Jasper, the store cat. Oh, and to Lorena, too!

Here's a little bag (6.75" W x 4" H) I made a couple weeks ago, from the Lotus Purse pattern in Judith Durant's One Skein Wonder book. I used the Red Heart Grande (in case you couldn't tell!) and size 13 needles. IHmmmmm.... I suspect a bright blue or red button would look better. Well, the next time I'm button shopping. In the meantime, this purple one will keep the bag closed and my stuff from falling out:

I will eventually learn how to use my radio without committing all sorts of faux paws (a little animal joke there) (okay, very little), to augment my emergency response capabilities in case of local disasters. Thanks to the local chapter of the American Red Cross and ARRL for teaming up to make training and testing available to chapter volunteers.


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