Wednesday, July 04, 2007

This n' That

Things being what they are, I alternate doing stuff with napping and knitting. Along with making some more baby hats for the hospital hat-mitt-bootie-blanket stash, I finished the following things in the last month or so:

Another pair of Socks for Soldiers boot socks, which I sent off with a previously completed pair of leisure socks:

Another of Sandi Wiseheart's Vine Lace baby cap (from Knitting Daily), along with a pair of mitts in the same yarn, for Trina's upcoming baby:

A soap sack (stuff here with a bar of shea butter soap) and washcloth for Loretta's 50th birthday (knit in Tahki Cotton Tweed):

Here's what the soap sack looked like before stuffing:

And, my first dish towel, knit in Cotton-ease:

I have decided to reduce my paper towel usage by knitting up 30-40 kitchen towels to use instead. I do not like washing kitchen towels with reptile towels or my bathroom towels, or with my clothes, and so I didn't like to use the washing machine (let alone dryer) to wash the few (5) kitchen towels i have. So, I have been using paper towels. But I hate the landfill aspect of it, not to speak of the other resource use involved in making paper towels, but I also didn't like the resource use of water and gas (for hot water and dryer) use of washing very small loads of kitchen towels.

I'm also not crazy about buying kitchen towels.

But I do like to knit. And I need to knit for therapy, physical and otherwise. So, of course! I'll knit dish towels! Lots and lots of dish towels! So, I am going through my stash looking for cotton and cotton blend yarns suitable for dish towelling, and will slowly acquire other suitable yarns to make more towels.

I am, uhm, also collecting the handled plastic bags that many stores many stores pack your purchases in. I am cutting them into loops and will attempt to knit a tote bag out the 'yarn' created by connecting the loops together into one gianormous ball of plastic bag yarn.

Yes, I am whacked.

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