Sunday, July 04, 2010

Where has the time gone...

Been doing too much for the past too many months, resulting in a not unexpected crash. My hands and arms have been bothering me a lot, so much so that I haven't been knitting as much, and most of what I have been doing is on larger needles and worsted weight yarn: a couple more shopping bags, towel, and, just finished yesterday, a cozy for my new Nook, which will enable me to read many old (heavy) favorites and occasionally new books without putting more strain on my limbs and digits.

Here it is with my Nook:

While I have not been able to consistently upload the various free ebooks I've been able to download, I have been able to upload to the Nook some of my photos for screensavers and wallpapers. The grayscale photo seen above is from this original photo I took several years ago at the Muir Wood headland:

I recently joined Facebook to be able to keep up with some friends' activities. I've been posting some of my other recent photos there. The photo albums should be accessible to people who are not my Friends, so if you're on FB yourself, look me (well, my photos) up.