Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Happy Hatchday!

While Mike, hatched 9 years ago today, did eat the hatchday treat The Mommy prepared him (chopped sugar snap peas, peach, and collard greens) he indicated that there was something else he'd much rather have.

Now, I know that many foods on my iguana diet "No" list are okay in very small amounts once in a while, but, still. No. Not even for his hatchday.

Although, to be honest, a nice foamy Guinness with a cheese and pickle sandwich do sound pretty good right now...

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Blogger amreeth said...

i agree... but since we are thinking about going guiness.. then i have to say "top of the morning to ya Mike-y, and congrats on this yur hatchday!"

2:18 AM  
Blogger Melissa said...

No amount of Guinness was enough to get him over being cranky because he's shedding. Sheesh! There's nothing like a PMSy iguana!

11:51 PM  
Blogger amreeth said...

hehehe :) yes, THAT is God's absolute truth. sheds on igs! brrrr.

1:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on!
Happy b'day Mikey!
I'm getting a GCB here very soon,also for David Blair. An unfortunate series of events caused me to check his site for hatchlings available.[lost month old bearded dragon in my car-escaped out of the box before I got home :( ] The site,as usual,had not been updated recently and said he had '06 babies. I emailed in response and it just so happened that in fact he did not have any '06 but had just hatched some that day!(9-30-07) How about that for co-incidence?! So,seeing that's really what I wanted, after having to sell mine to a breeder in Miami(who had a girlfriend for him and outdoor "condo")when moving from Orlando to Utah, I'm getting another blue!
In light of the circumstances drawing me to find hatchlings born on the day I looked for them I think I'll name it Kismet. :-)
...still looking for the dragon but not going to delude myself,poor lizard sickle

12:37 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Mike came about in sort of the same way, Jeff. I'd been thinking about a Cyclura for a long time, but doing rescue and rehab, well, sooner or later, most things come one's way, wanted or not. A Cyclura, however, still hadn't.

When I was writing Iguanas for Dummies, I went to David Blair's site to check the current URLs, and spent some time mooning over the photos of his various Cyclura. He had a couple hatchlings left from the 1997 hatch out of Big Blue. But I moved on, and went back to work. A day or two later, a family friend notified me that while he was nosing around the state's unclaimed funds site, he found I had some money waiting out there for me.

It was exactly the amount needed to buy and have shipped one of those hatchlings...

Just to make sure I wasn't being silly (::snort::) I checked with Alta, fellow IML moderator and IFD proof/content reader, to see what she thought. She thought it was fated to be. And so it came to pass.

And now my baby's a man. Well, you know what I mean... :)

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found the beardie!
I had cut my finger badly at work and had to go to the medical facility. When all was said and done,5 stitches later I returned to my car to find her sitting in the driver's seat looking at me like..."What?"(after 3 days living God knows where in my car!)
So,now I have Sheila and Kismet will be on the way here soon.I'm expecting by no later than month's end,possibly sooner.Can't wait too long,it'll be too cold to ship. Seeing he wants $72 for shipping they should bring him out in a heated van with iggy blanket and a pillow!
1997? I wonder how old "Blue" is now? He's quite the impressive specimen!
Thank you,BTW,for all your expertise in reptile husbandry. I've enjoyed reading your pages for quite some time. :-)
If ever in Utah,come see a movie,I got the hook-up!
Jeff Easter
Custodial Manager
Megaplex 13,Ogden,Utah

7:20 PM  

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