Sunday, August 06, 2006

Lizard-A-Bed, Re-Redux

Yes, well, I was going to make him sleep in his room last night, but he was so comfortable, and the room temperature was still within his I left him.
He inserted himself into the 'guest' side of the bed again, but this time, when I checked on him, his head was off to the side of the bed, with his snout hanging over (a not uncommon iguana sleeping position). Here's what he looked like when I pulled the covers off of him:

When he was ready to start getting up this morning, he again came over to my side of the bed. He placed his right front foot gently on my left hand, and crouched there comfortably while I petted his head and neck for 15 minutes or so until I could get out of bed. No wonder it was more difficult for me this morning - he got up an hour earlier than he has the last two nights!

Me thinks the boy is getting a wee bit too comfy in my bed.

When I left him today to go to a meeting, he was still in the tub. When I got home, he was still in the tub. He had been out to eat a bit, but, still. Sitting in a cold tub does nothing for iguana digestion (or anyone else's, for that matter, other than cold water dwelling species of fish). So, after draining the tub, I wrapped him in a warm towel, and he remains where I put him: in his own room, in his basking area.

Now it remains to be seen if he stays there tonight, or sneaks into my bed again.

Here's the latest pair of socks I'm working on... I actually cast this one on, worked the first inch, and then set it aside to take with me next week to the "Introduction to Red Cross Disaster Services" class I'm taking, but I accompanied some friends to a doctor's appointment on Friday and had meetings both days this weekend, so I ended up taking it with me to work on.

I wasn't too crazy about this yarn--the way it felt--when I was working it first on the size 2 needles I started working it on several weeks ago, but I'm really liking it on the size 1s.


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