Friday, October 20, 2006


A friend of mine is just learning to knit, and another friend has recently started knitting again after a lapse of several years, so I pulled out the tub of knitting magazines and pattern books and leaflets for them to look through. Many of the magazines and things were given to me through the years by other no-longer-knitting knitters, so some of them are rather like going through a time capsule, looking at the fashions and hair styles (and home decor) of 20-30 years ago.

Today, while overseeing Georgia, the dog from next door, exploring the living room, I spotted a magazine that I'd forgotten about. Measuring 13" x 10" in size, it didn't fit in the tub, and has been hunkering down on the dining room table amidst all the books from my long-ago collapsed 7-shelf bookcase.

The magazine is McCall's Needlework & Crafts, the Fall/Winter 1965-1966 edition, which sold for $0.75. One of the photos on the cover, otherwise adorned with angel ornaments, stuffed animals, tote bag, a mosaic rooster, and a man and woman wearing black-and-white intarsia and slip-stitch patterns sweaters, was this:

Now, lest you think that this was part of their Halloweend Costume Collection, let me say that there is no costume collection in here, Halloween or otherwise. In the magazine itself, this charming "Boys' Ski Mask" was paired with a Girls' Ski Mask:

They appear together on the same photo spread as these two rather nice Boys' and Girls' sweaters:

My guess is that the ski mask designer was into Carlos Castenada at the time.... (Uhm, for those of rather younger than I am, here's a hint: peyote.)


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