Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Lizard That Ate Chicago

Well, okay, so maybe that isn't one of my socks, and maybe the lizard didn't suddenly grow big enough to eat Chicago. Well, that is one of my socks - I knit a small sock to go along with the little sweaters to donate to CCI for their fundraiser holiday tree. I'm also playing around with trying to knit a driedl, and some Magan Davids, but I can't seem to get the tension to my liking, nor the increases (or decreases, depending on if I'm knitting from point to base or vice versa) to look neat and non-nubbed.

I cast on 24 sts to make the sock posing with Mike...think I'll do some 18 st ones. When I was making the one above, I found myself automatically starting to do the slip 1, knit 1 heel, but then I thought, heck, no one's going to be wearing this sock, so there's no reason to make a sturdy heel!


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