Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Cozy Crazy

Well, okay, some friends would make the argument that that the title of this entry should more appropriately be "Crazy, Period" (or, in deference to our Brit friends, "Crazy, Full Stop"), but even I will admit that my penchant for knitting bags for my electronic gear is, well, let's say, borderline.

Some of you may remember my
iPod schmiPod post wherein I revealed my new ham radio and ham accessory cases. Well, there is now a coordinating cozy for my new(remanufacturered) Nokia cell phone, the headset for the Nokia, and for the DC power cords for my 10,000,000 spotlight, which lives in the back of my truck along with my other emergency stuff. Here's a photo of all but one piece in the technocozy collection:

The missing piece is this bag, made to hold my wireless mouse and its base station, and my spare hub, so I can take my ergo mouse with me when I need to work on someone else's computer for more than a few minutes.

You can see closer photos of the ham radio case and accessory bag in the iPod schmiPod blogentry, so here is a closeup of my cell phone and headset cozies:

And my googoogoogly-eyed spot and its cords cozy:

So, there I was, kicked back working on a scarf, watching Stargate Atlantis, sipping on hot tea poured from my thermos, when it hits me: hot tea will stay hotter longer if the thermos were better insulated!

Since the thermos isn't that high tech, and I don't have to dig around for it in the dark interior of a purse or car, I decided to save the rest of my favorite technocozy yarn (Red Heart Grande, color: Wow) to knit the mag mount antenna bag (still on my to-do list). Instead, I pulled out another, less jarring bulky yarn that has been lurking in my stash. Alas, the label was gone, so I have no idea what it is.

Voila! The unveiling of the Thermos Cozy, or, as some prefer, Thermos Sweater (though I think Thermos Tube Top is probably more accurate, since there are no sleeves or armholes):

Note how nicely the colors of the thermos cozy and it's matching coaster blend with the Wraith's complexion. So, there I was, using my clad thermos when I realized that there was quite a bit of heat escaping through the top of the, uhm, top. Fortunately, I still had some yarn left over, so I knit a cozy cap for the thermos:

I never said I wasn't wacked, now, did I?

Off to do some therapeutic knitting: a sock that's been OTN for too many months... But before I go, here's the Mikey pic for the day:


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