Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Spring Feed

Well, Treppie has finally come completely awake, and is now eating like a, well, tortoise in April who hasn't eaten since October. Treppie's tongue, for some reason, fascinates me. He's this brown and black scaly guy with a crepey neck, making his thick, fleshy tongue rather startling when he sticks it out to grab some food. I hung around the feeding station trying to get a good, clear photo of it, but failed miserably. Here's just a tiny bit of it, seen as he takes come collard greens from my hand.

Here's another shot, this one of his handsome face, which looks considerably less grumpy than it did when there was a large, heavy, rude lizard sitting on him:

Here's Treppie last week, grazing outside, uploaded to YouTube, for the first time this year.

I realized, while in the market the other day, that Mother Nature has brought forth the tortoises from hibernation at the same time the Spring's first crop of corn on the cob appears in the stores. Here is Baby Atlas, enjoying tortoise crack, er, corn on the cob.

I find that I need several weeks for my hands and arms to recover in between knitting pairs of soldier socks for Socks for Soldiers. Knitting on small sized needles with fine yarn being out, I pulled out my size 7s and 8s and began knitting some blanket squares for the Sonoma Blanket Project.

As I was following the news story about the 800 chihuahuas that had been rescued from a hording home, and finding out that many of them were being cared for at a clinic where I know a vet surgical nurse, I decided to make some chihuahua sweaters. Thanks to my friend Phyllis who had a dog sweater pattern small enough to fit small dogs, I got a chance to start making some sweaters earlier this week. Here are the first two. The red one is finished, while the green one needs to have the tiny 'sleeves' added and be seamed:

It wasn't until I looked at the above photo on my computer monitor that I realized how small the sweaters looked compared to Mikey's hind foot! These sweaters are about 10-11" across, when laid flat like the green one. Here's the green on laying on Mike's back:

As I sat down at my desk this morning, preparing to start my day, I looked around and realized that knitting has the potential to take over my life:

There is the stack of dog sweaters, washcloths for the SFS program, a stack of folded blanket squares for the SBP, a knitted ball I made (so I could help out a friend who was trying to knit one), the blue cozy that holds my little digital recorder, and behind the lacquered cat box, a wrist warmer I wear most mornings when I need to do a lot of mousing. Behind all that, next to the speaker, are small balls of yarn leftovers, my double pointed needles (in those nifty tubes from Nancy's Knit Knacks), a small collection of my straight needles, some little containers knitting supplies, paperclips, nail buffer (can't be snagging our knitting, can we), patterns, and what every well-equipped desk needs, my police/fire scanner and flashlight.

What!? You mean you don't??


Blogger Mary said...

Love the Treppie pictures! I hear you on the fascination with watching their tongues. I love it when my uro looks at me and yawns -- the contrast between his moist, pink mouth and dry, dark body is striking.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Knatolee said...

Treppie is eve so handsome!! And the wee sweaters are adorable.

12:33 PM  
Blogger DoodleBird said...

That is really cute...I should make some for my leopard geckos. hehehe

2:13 PM  

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