Monday, October 23, 2006

Operation Gratitude

Operation Gratitude has been active in shipping care packages and other things to our service members stationed around the world. (See Crazy Aunt Purl's blog about her visit to an OpGratitude collection & packing site in June 2006.)

New to their
Wish List is an invitation for people to knit scarves for our service people. Not just ones to wear on duty (like Operation Home Front's Helmet Liners) but scarves for fun and comfort when wearing civvies. (For other off duty comfort, see Operation Toasty Toes.)

Anyway, here are the three scarves I'll be shipping off this week to OpGrat. I made the goldish moss stitch and wild black and orange scarf; Juliette made the green basketweave scarf. She gave me the black-and-orange yarn, whereas I gave her the green yarn; the green and gold (actually, two strands fo slightly different colors) were made from donated yarn.

All of which you could probably care less about, and just want me to get to the lizard part:



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