Thursday, December 14, 2006

Socks for Soldiers, Part 1

As in, I finished the first sock!!!!! Woohoo!

Of course, I have another sock to make to mate with it, but I am desperately hoping that I don't end up fighting my way through it as I did this first one, and that the remaining 1.5 balls of yarn behave themselves.

I've never had so much trouble with any of the socks I've made. And, I've never made such a BIG sock! Here's a photo of the complete BBS (big black sock) with one of my own socks on top:

One intrepid Socks For Soldiers listmembers waited until her family was asleep one night, and then pulled one of her BBS over a liter soda bottle to see if the sock, only 3.5 inches across the leg when laying flat, really would stretch to fit a muscular calf. It did, stretching to 13.5 inches! God bless K1, P1 ribbing!

My BBS is knit in Dale's Baby Ull, with black wooly nylon used to reinforce the heel and the entire foot, as well as the toes.

Without further ado, off I go to cast on the second sock!



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